Holiday Survey: British, Russian and German Tourists particularly disliked / Loud, drunk and bad manners

Americans and Italians tourists too loud, Chinese tourists no manners, Polish tourists drunk, German tourists reserve sun loungers, French tourists too rude / More than 8,100 Germans have been interviewed

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„Which nationalities have German tourists already had negative experiences with during their holidays?“

Summer holidays are only a few weeks away. However, if you’re not going to a desert island, you’ll meet a lot of other tourists from countries all over the world at your destination. As diverse as the countries of origin are the experiences that German tourists had with other tourists. To some extent, prejudices and clichés are widely held. The tour operator Urlaubstours wanted to know more and commissioned a survey of more than 8,100 Germans who were a representation of the general population: “Tourists from which country do you like the least during your holidays and why?”* The interviewees could choose between 12 different nationalities: Russian, British, Polish, Dutch, US-American, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Austrian, Swiss, and of course the Germans themselves.

Fact: 18% of the interviewees don’t want to have anything to do with their fellow countrymen. However, even if Germans like to do business with Russians, they dislike Russian tourists the most. 65% of the interviewees have already had negative experiences with Russian tourists during their holiday. The most frequently mentioned nuisance factors: too loud (69%) and too drunk (74%). The second place of the most disliked tourists goes to British tourists. 42% of German tourists have had negative experiences with the globetrotters from the UK. According to the interviewees, the islanders are also too drunk (80%), too loud (66%) and have bad manners when eating (40%).

Tourists from Poland take the third place in the ranking of most disliked tourists with 29%. Main nuisance factors: too drunk (46%) and too loud (37%). German tourists rank themselves as fourth (18%). The German interviewees pulled their own countrymen to pieces: they reserve sun loungers (69%) and are rude (47%). (Please see tables)

Dutch tourists came fifth (15%). As expected, the interviewees think tourists from the country of tulips are too loud (49%) and too drunk (31%). Almost 15% of the interviewees have had negative experiences with US-Americans they very frequently meet during holidays in the Caribbean. According to the interviewees, they are too loud (46%) and too rude (31%). The Chinese tourists on rank seven (12.5%) have bad manners when eating (38%) and are unlikable (26%).

Too drunk: British (80%) and Russian (74%)

Too drunk: British (80%) and Russian (74%)

French and Italian tourists count for 11.7% and 11.3% respectively of German tourists as disliked tourists. Rude (44%) and unlikable (40%) French tourists (44%) and too loud (55%) and intrusive (44%) Italian tourists particularly attracted negative attention. (Please see tables)
German tourists, however, are rather fond of Swiss tourists. 96% of the interviewees could not recall any negative experiences they’ve had with the Swiss confederates. The ‘Teutonic tourists’ also liked to share the hotel, the sun loungers or the restaurants with Austrian tourists (93% without negative experiences) and Japanese tourists (92%). (Please see tables)

*Survey execution: Keyfacts Onlineforschung GmbH; survey period: May 5 – May 12, 2014; 8,149 interviewees; all information is subject to change.

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